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Candidate Data Privacy FAQs

We get Candidate data from various sources, like Job boards, Candidates applying to our Job
Adverts, from Candidate themselves in our conversations with them and social media.

For a More detailed answer please see our Privacy Policy.  Normally, we store the data for 2 years from the time we speak to Candidates.  This is because on average contract roles lasts for up to 6 months and many candidates would be back in the job market in an average of 3 months. For candidates in permanent positions a high percentage usually look to change jobs between 18-24 months of taking up a new position.

You can access the data we have on you here. Just enter your email and follow the instructions. Once logged in you can decide how best to manage your data.

The data we have on Candidates is not just an email address to unsubscribe, we need to make sure the authenticity of the request to manage data.  IF you consider your data important, you’d appreciate that this is for your benefit.

Every Job Application for which we process your data is based on your prior consent. We will only get in touch if we think there is a role that would excite you.

We don’t share any data with third parties. We use a Recruitment CRM that securely stores it.

If we have any data on you, you can access it here and manage it based on your preferences.

The data is stored in secure AWS severs with multi-layer industry standard protections in place.

No. We don’t use your data for automated processing or profiling. Our trained consultants spend time reviewing all profiles that might be available to us and considered suitable for a role.

We use Social Networks to supplement some of our Candidate Identification efforts. In all cases our consultants will seek your consent before your candidature is processed for an open position.

All data access requests are routed through Here Follow the instructions to get access to your data.  Please do not share details of your email address with anyone.

The GDPR is a complex piece of legislation with new clarifications being released by the authorities frequently. As of today we are compliant of all the necessary regulations.