Hiring E-commerce Technology Consultants for a Global IT Consulting Firm

The Client is one of the world’s largest providers of IT Services, Consulting, and Business Solutions. Serving more than 150 customers in the U.K including British Telecom (BT), Barclays, and JP Morgan, it is one of the fastest growing IT Services brands globally and also ranks among the largest Digital employers in the region.

The Client was working on a critical e-Commerce project for a major British Multinational fashion retailer (end-customer). It wanted to hire a team of technology specialists with niche skills to join the project service delivery team. 

The Client needed resources with experience ranging between 10 and 20 years in technologies such as Demandware, Endeca, WCS, Infoplus Commerce, UI with Handlebar and ES6. These contractual positions were to be closed within a time span of 3-4 weeks.

The Client faced dual challenges of skill shortage (niche skills) and a tight turnaround time.

The Account Management Team at Avance Consulting started by gaining a complete and thorough understanding of the roles to be filled. A market mapping exercise was undertaken to match the job roles and the candidates’ skill areas. Assessing the candidates was a crucial aspect of the engagement to ensure skills and culture match - worked with the Client to prepare a Common Assessment Framework to assess the suitability of each candidate.

Avance Consulting led the end-to-end service delivery and was responsible for Candidate Experience journey - from sourcing & screening to interview scheduling, offer management and joining

Avance Consulting was able to fill all the positions requisitioned by the Client by on-boarding the right candidates:

Achieving the mandate

The Client achieved its staffing goals by getting the right resource mix for the project.

Timely delivery

In an very competitive market, speed was the need of the hour. Avance Consulting ensured that the Client was able to start the project on time, thus avoiding time and cost overruns.

Project expansion

Successfully provided the right set of talent to the Client which in turn helped it win a bid for project expansion. This translated in to another opportunity for Avance Consulting to expand its relationship with the Client with a requirement for additional resources.