Build-Operate-Transfer Engagement for a US-based Engineering & Product Design Services Provider

The Client is a global supplier of Engineering, Technical Recruitment and IT services to customers in the Aerospace, Industrial and the Government sectors. Starting out in the 1950s, it today employs more than 10,000 professionals across 55 locations worldwide and ranks among the top 5 engineering firms in the United States. The company’s operations is organized into 4 major Business Units – Engineering Services, Technical Recruiting, Government Services and Additive Manufacturing.

To augment its capabilities, the company has executed a spate of acquisitions over the past 2 years, both at home as well as abroad. The company counts the Department of Defense (DARPA), the Department of State, and the Department of Energy as its top Government-sector customers. The company also boasts of a strong presence in the Aerospace, Aviation Engine, and Construction Equipment OEM space.

In March 2016, the Client inaugurated its Design Centre.

The Client wanted to grow its capabilities, customer and community offerings from its newly-opened Design Centre. To achieve this, the Client wanted to ensure that it was able to attract and recruit top talent in its target disciplines.

As a part of its expansion strategy, the Client contemplated setting up an offshore sourcing team, which can partner with its US-based recruitment team to drive talent acquisition programs. This included taking a decision whether or not to outsource the sourcing function to a completely new geography.

Avance Consulting was selected by the Client to help them establish a candidate research and sourcing team on a Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) model. The solution, outlined by the Client involved building a team of sourcing specialists offshore over a period of 1 year which eventually was to be merged with the Client team.

Avance Consulting conducted an internal assessment and provided the Client with a pool of candidates who were then shortlisted for interviews. The candidates who were selected post the interview process, started to work for the Client’s recruitment needs. Over the next 12 months, the team at Avance Consulting helped the Client roll out 40 offers achieving an impressive Offer to Joining ratio of more than 80%. The employees were eventually transferred to the Client’s payroll at the end of the contract.

Avance Consulting also built the SLAs for the engagement, based on multiple discussions with the Client. In the first 2-3 months of the engagement, extensive consultations were held coupled with timely reviews on processes and efficiency. Avance Consulting was responsible for the complete customer engagement life-cycle.

With the successful culmination of the engagement, the Client was assured of the efficacy of offshoring the sourcing function, which was one of the key objectives and was also seen as a challenge:

Differentiated approach

The client was able to clearly delineate the functions of resume sourcing and building successful candidate relationships

Continuous business uptime

Ensured unimpeded flow of quality resumes for the next levels

Higher lead-time to co-ordinate efforts

Difference in time-zones resulted in lead-times with the US team which enabled greater co-ordination between the offshore sourcing and the onshore recruitment teams

Better resource utilization & streamlined operational costs

Resulted in freeing up onshore resources to channelize efforts towards interviews and value-add work. Provided the onshore team with the bandwidth to build stronger relationship with the candidates. This also had a net positive effect on operational costs