Executive Dashboard

Cybersecurity Job Trends in the UK

Insight Series - Technology
We have compiled a dashboard titled Cybersecurity Job Trends in the UK. The report captures, analyzes and presents pertinent data points to provide a high-level view of the Cybersecurity jobs data in the UK. The data collected has been analyzed and presented across 6 key parameters; 
  • # of jobs advertised in the past 6 months and median salaries
  • Geographical distribution of Cybersecurity jobs in the UK indicating hubs and newer locations which are witnessing demand for Cybersecurity talent. 
  • Cybersecurity Skills in demand (as a proportion of overall Cybersecurity jobs) 
  • Heatmap showing annual median salary brackets and corresponding skills
  • Cybersecurity roles vs. salary progression matrix 
  • Classification of job roles in terms of demand intensity (% of total Cybersecurity jobs)
This report will come out every 6 months with new data sets.